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> Possible Alternative, Alternative to AMG
post Dec 15 2004, 03:35
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Hey Florian,

Awesome Awesome tagger ya got here...

Only thing I don't like is the freedb support - I'm not a big fan of the freedb because of the multiple instances of every album etc. - can get somewhat messy.

I am a stickler for tagging my music the correct way and producing filenames that match and your program does this beautifully.

I liked Tag&Rename for only one reason and that wasfor the AMG support it had, when that went out the door because of the TOS I started looking and came across your nice little proggy.

Clean - No BS - That's what I like.

I was wandering around looking at the AMG site to match and make sure a set of freedb tags was correct - which is terribly painful because the AMG site sux, when it occured to me....

Have you thought about using http://ubl.artistdirect.com as a source for the tagging? TOS seems to be OK, might need to read it closer, but might be worth making a parser so that it can grab info from it.

Could be better than the freedb - dunno how many entries it actually has, but it seems to be a fairly complete listing.

Give me some feedback on what you might think about this and whether it might be possible to try it.

I am glad that you haven't gone the route of Amazon or some such... but this could be a valid alternative if at all possible.

I do know that The Godfather has actually used a script to go ahead and use the AMG site but thier program is such a clusterbeep that I am not even interested.

I have actually passed your program on to some other peeps and we all agree it is awesome.

With the addition of a better tagging source and... well my one wee thing is...
I sure would like to have the album art in my file... I know I know I have read the forums, but I like that because I like having it load when I am listening to my music.

Other than that - perfect - easy to use - no extra dumb crap and a clean interface.
MP3Tag doesnt do everything some of the other programs, but it does the things it does beautifully... the things I want it to do.

Keep up the excellent work smile.gif

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post Feb 8 2005, 09:00
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CDDB by Gracenote is also one of the biggest databeses out there. I know this is probably asking for too much but it will make a nice addition to the other services.
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Sebastian Mares
post Feb 8 2005, 10:21
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QUOTE (Digitaldesi @ Feb 8 2005, 09:00 AM)
CDDB by Gracenote is also one of the biggest databeses out there.  I know this is probably asking for too much but it will make a nice addition to the other services.

According to their EULA, you are not allowed to implement access to other databases when using their CDDB2 service. Also, during the query you are required to display the Grancenote logo.

Edit: Oh, and the most important thing - you have to pay for the license, unless you have a non commercial product (and MP3Tag is a commercial product according to their terms of service).

This post has been edited by Sebastian Mares: Feb 8 2005, 10:24

There are 10 types of people in this world: those who understand binary, and those who don't.
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post Nov 24 2005, 00:04
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Hello, everybody. I'm new here.

Sebastian, I guess what you say is true. But I guess a query to gracenote CDDB could be made by a web source definition (an not via any kind of protocol, that I guess is the way they ask you to pay their license -sorry, Im not a guru, nor coder so maybe Im wrong with my ideas). Once again, Im not a coder, but I looked into those ".src" files and the source code of gracenote search page and I thought it could be made easily... in my case the only thing that my non-coder brain came across was that it would be nice that someone else built it biggrin.gif hehehe.

Im suggesting this way because when I look for a specific artist, title or album it has an option to look for an exact match, or combine search options, like artist and title, artist and album, etc., so it results in a few or a single result... and not tons of them as it happens in freeDDB. I mean, I've been doing this thing of manually serching in the gracenote page since I first tagged my then short MP3 collection, but it is a hell being copying and pasting results from the web page to the program, and now more than ever when my collection has geometrically grown to the half of my "tiny" hard disc, and like 50% of it does not have its complete information (be it album, year, track numbering, etc)

P.S. Florian: cool program you've made! I've been using it like 2 o 3 years ago. Im still using an older version (2.16) 'cause it still uses the format %i - %t. OK I admit it; Im a lazy man who won't read or write those new %artist% things biggrin.gif Besides, I think older version were faster than the newer (not faster in a way that it loads quickly into the memory, but faster for a user to do its tasks in a lesser time)

Congrats to you all!
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