Hi There,

I've been using 2.37H to tag FLAC files and embedding Album Art. I'm using a skinned version of Winamp 5.33 to play the files. Since upgrading to 2.37I the Album Art is no longer displayed.

I haven't kept 2.37H, so I can't do a conclusive test on the same FLAC file ( I'd be happy to do so if you can let me have a copy of 2.37H ) however Winamp is still displaying the Art on files tagged with 2.37H.

************** Update - This isn't down to the move from 2.37H to 2.37I - I'm fairly certain that it's not related to MP3TAG at all - Just thought I'd update and put in a full explanation later *******

****** Another Update - If anyone's interested... I've been attempting to find a way of playing FLACs with embedded album art, and having the art displayed while the track is playing. Along the way I tried WMP11, and this is where the misunderstanding occurred.

I didn't realise that WMP11 placed a number of hidden files in any folder that was added to its media library, two of these being images of the album art that was displayed in the media library.

From then on any plugin / skin I tried along with other players was able to pick up the hidden cover art created by WMP. It wasn't until I decided to dump WMP and tried playing files that had never been in WMPs media library, that I realised what was happening.

Moral:- Only do one thing at a time.

By the way I'm using foobar with a plugin that does support embedded album art.