I am stuck on discogs web result page
I am doing a script and I would like to display the format when it is on a line.
Format always start with "Format: "
findinline "Format: " 1 1

Now I would like to use sayregexp function
I started with something like

sayregexp "[^(\.\.\.)]*(?=(\.\.\.))" ""
but that's bad
I tried something like
sayregexp ".*(?=\.\.\.)" ""
Because sometimes it is follow by three dots. ...

Sometime it is follow byt 3 dost "..." sometimes it is follow by "<", but other text could be follow with the same signs. Just the first reg result should be display.

I hope somebody could help and I am enough clear. Find attached a source file. The sayregexp is on line 76.Click to view attachment

Thanks for your help