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Full Version: Tag: copy "Date Created" to Comment
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Hi there!

In the near future, I expect to get a new laptop. Now, I want to secure the creation date of my music files. I have changed music player quite some times (iTunes, WinAmp, etc.), so I have no valid info in any music library.

As far as I can see the best solution is to copy the Date Created stamp on my music files (as seen in windows) to the comment tag field. For sorting purposes, I would the format of the date in the comment field to be yy-mm-dd, time.

I expect some of the following must be used:

%_file_create_date% - Short creation date
%_file_create_datetime% - Long creation date
%_file_create_datetime_raw% - Long creation date (unformatted),

but I can not figure out how to use this in e.g. an action.

Please help! Thx, Harald

This is my first post here, please be gentile ;-)
Hi there,

I found a possible solution myself, create
Action for Format value with
Field set to COMMENT and
Format string to
-$mid(%_file_create_datetime%,1,2), $mid(%_file_create_datetime%,12,8)

This results in 2007-12-04, 13:35:12 for the comment in the music tag on my system.
For sorting purposes, only numbers is probably more robust.
For 20071204133512, just leave out the "-" and ", ".

VoilĂ !

Thx for a great piece of software!
Take a look to system fields which might give the better result of last modification datetime:
and this is for sorting purposes:

I'm looking for some help with a string, I am trying to get a format string to work with %_file_create_date%. I am trying to turn 1/25/2008 into 20080125 to use in foobar as a sort method can anyone help me out?
You can use %_file_create_datetime_raw% directly whithout any formatting if it's only about sorting.
Well I have a column to see when the date was added to so the raw dont work so well. I'm sure with Harald's string properly formated with %_file_create_date% to output yearmonthday it would work but I have no idea how to accomplish that.
QUOTE (TsiAwd @ Jan 31 2008, 01:41) *
... formated with %_file_create_date% to output yearmonthday ...

Although it is not clear what you really need (a formatstring or an outputstring from a system varable or whatever else), I want to put in another proposal.

Convert from date format '' to 'yyyymmdd':
... or ...

Convert from date format 'mm/dd/yyyy' to 'yyyymmdd':
... or ...

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