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Mp3tag Forums _ Announcements _ Mp3tag v2.84 released

Posted by: Florian Aug 25 2017, 13:52

I've just released Mp3tag v2.84!

This version comes with a wide variety of changes, most notably:

Support for Nero-style MP4 chapters
MP4 is a container format — which basically means that you can put loads of stuff into it. With Nero-style tags, it’s even possible to have one file consisting of multiple sub-tracks. The Nero chapter tags describe the position and the sub-track specific tags. With this new version, Mp3tag displays individual sub-tracks of such files and also allows for editing of those individual chapter tags. Tags fields with the same contents across all sub-tracks are used as global file tags when writing changes.

Cover-only Tag Sources to import album-art from Discogs
Many of you wrote me and wished for a cover-only alternative to the now discontinued Amazon Tag Sources. Here you go smile.gif With this new version, Mp3tag comes with two cover-only Tag Sources to import cover art from Discogs.

This version fixes many, many issues — some reported recently, some were a little bit older. You can get a complete overview of how busy I've been via the

You can download the new version from

As always, enjoy and take care
– Florian

Posted by: gearFX Aug 26 2017, 10:43

This is excellent news, I've been waiting for the return of the album art search and tagging function. Thank you!

Posted by: Florian Aug 26 2017, 16:34

I've just released Mp3tag v2.84a which fixes an issue with HTTP/HTTPS connections on Windows XP and Wine (macOS/Linux) based systems.

Kind regards
– Florian

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